Those who danced were deemed insane...

...by those who could not hear the music

16 December 1988
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So...what is a Kate? She's 18 years old, and lives in the UK. She's short and round, and thinks that her nose is too big. She tends to ramble on about issues no one else has an interest in, and reads large uncompromising-looking books and actually enjoys them. She has a deep love for Wine Gums, outrageous hats, and tortured heroes with a dark past. She would pick invisibility over the ability to fly, although she'd swap either of them to be four inches taller. Her pet hates are people who deny global warming, ironing, and bad grammar. She spends far too much time in the pub, and chooses gin and tonic as her poison of choice. She plays the flute, and would probably be regarded as quite good at it if she practised more, and she is a member of an outrageous number of orchestras and concert bands. She spends far too much time talking to herself, and seems to be unable of writing anything with a happy ending, but avoids that problem by ending all of her stories with cliff-hangers. She tends to procrastinate, she loves rambling at night, and she's afraid of the dark.

This journal is a place for her rants, rambles, random thoughts, and everyday experiences, and contains pretty much everything she hates to say in real life. This is Kate, in a nutshell. Enjoy.

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